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Variable Customization

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The DataXchange → Variable section is where you can create a variety of constants and variables for extended customization in expressions.

The user Variable button has the following options;

PCSDB Constants

There are many cases where expression uses a value such as an amount of time that must be exceeded before the expression will become true.  This section provides a solution where you can create constants for extended customization in expressions.

In order to create a PCSDB Constant you will need to select Add

  • Constant – The name of the constant used in logic building.
  • Display Name – The user-friendly name for the constant.
  • Constant Value – The numerical value of the constant. In the examples below it is a number of seconds.
  • Description – A description of the constant you have created.

Click Enter to save your new constant. For an example of how to use constants in expressions click here.

Here are two example Constants:

  • Constant: cycleEndDelay
  • Display Name: Cycle End Delay
  • Constant Value: 30
  • Description: A delay after a cycle has stopped before sending the cycle end
  • Constant: emailDelay
  • Display Name: Email Delay
  • Constant Value: 600
  • Description: A delay after an event before triggering an email
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