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The Connectivity Tab is only accessible when you are NOT logged into DataXchange. This tab contains functionality relative to testing the following connections:

    • Test
    • View
  • MTConnect
    • Test
    • View
  • Scytec SRC with Ethernet (SRCE)
    • Test
    • View
  • Scytec SRC over TCP
  • Caron TMAC

No permissions are required to use this feature and it is available for anyone even without an Account within DataXchange.

The following buttons are available under the Connectivity tab on the ribbon bar when a user is not logged into the application.

  • Connectivity
    • Focas
      • Test (For testing connectivity to the Focas control)
      • View (For testing the values the Focas control is returning) More Information
    • MTConnect
      • Test (For testing connectivity to MTConnect)
      • View (For testing the values the MTConnect adaptor is returning) More Information
    • SRCE
      • Test (For testing connectivity to the SRCE)
      • View (For testing the values the SRCE is returning) More Information
    • SRC TCP
    • Caron TMAC
    • HAAS NGC
      • Test (For testing the connection and the values the NGC is returning)

Entering the connection information and pressing the Test button will return an error or a message that the test was successful.

Testing Fanuc Focas Connectivity

When testing Fanuc Focas, the testing tool will automatically test for the following things.

  • Ping Test
  • FOCAS connectivity

Once the machine has a successful test, it will return the following data:

  • CNC Model
  • Cycle Status
  • Main Program Number
  • Feedrate Override
Test Example

Testing SRC Connectivity

When testing the SRC for connectivity, it will return a successful connection message as well as the current status for all of the status inputs.

Testing HAAS NGC Connectivity

When testing the NGC for connectivity, it will display the values from each of our mapped variables for the Haas NGC.

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