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The SRCE Viewer connects to an SRCE from the DataXchange client for testing purposes. This can be accessed from the Connectivity tab when not logged, or from the DataXchange tab when connected to the DX Service.

Using the SRCE Viewer

The first step when using the SRCE viewer is to connect to the SRCE. Enter the IP address or Host name and Port number of the SRCE and click the red dot to connect. When the connection is successful, the red dot will turn green.

When connected to the DataXchange Service on the DataXchange tab, if an Equipment with a Modbus TCP Source is selected, the Viewer will automatically connect to the Modbus TCP Source configured for that equipment.

Once connected, the data returned is divided into three sections. The top section displays data returned by the standard SRCE. The middle section displays data from the extended SRCE. Finally the bottom section allows advanced users to read specific Modbus addresses from the SRCE. This is useful for when additional modules other than the usual extended modules are connected to the SRCE.

All values in the top and middle sections are returned automatically. No manual input is required. However the user must manually enter Modbus TCP addresses to view values in the bottom section. Double-click one of the rows in the Modbus TCP Address column and enter the desired address. Press the enter key and a value from the Modbus address will be returned if available.

If an Equipment is selected in the Equipment Tree when you load the Viewer, a Fourth panel will appear between the Standard and Extended panels containing information about the SRCE Custom variables configured for that equipment.

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