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Real Time List (Web)

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The Real Time List is a web-based grid displaying up-to-date information about equipment status and other information. Each of the columns can be shown or hidden allowing the View to be configured based on the data being collected. More information about web-based charting can be found here.

Configuration Options

The Equipment section is used to select the equipment that will be displayed in the grid. The Dynamically Add New Equipment check box can be used to automatically add new equipment to the grid. The Options section is used to determine which fields will be displayed. 

Border Color

  • General Status Color: This option sets the outline for the row to use the General Status color.
  • Specific Status Color: This option sets the outline for the row to use the Specific Status color.


This Columns section is used to specify which columns should be shown and which should be hidden. The order in which Columns displayed can be changed by clicking the icon on the right and dragging the column to its new spot. A maximum of 6 columns can be displayed in the grid. Click a row to view all selected columns. Data such as part counts that require a time frame will use the current shift.

The grid contains the following columns:

  • General Status: The description of the General Status.
  • Specific Status: The description of the Specific Status.
  • Equipment: The Equipment name.
  • General Duration: The amount of time the equipment has been in the General Status.
  • Specific Duration: The amount of time the equipment has been in the Specific Status.
  • Active Part Number: The part number that is currently active on the equipment.
  • Scrap Part Count: The scrap parts that have been recorded during the current shift.
  • Good Part Count: The number of good parts recorded since the beginning of the current shift.
  • Equipment Status Notes: Notes that have been entered on the ODI screen.
  • User: User name of the logged in operator.
  • Parts Per Hour (PPH): Calculates the parts that should be made each hour based on ideal times.
  • Parts Per Hour Plan: The amount of parts that should have been made already based on the ideal time, the current time, and the start of the current shift.
  • Parts Per Hour %: The percentage of Parts Per Hour Actual to Parts Per Hour Plan.
  • Parts Per Hour Actual: The current parts made since the start of the shift.
  • Work Order Number: Displays the current active Work Order number.
  • Connectivity: This is used to show the current communication health of the Machine, DataXchange Service and Commands.
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