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ODI Layouts and Layout Assignments

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ODI Layouts allow for customization of the data shown on the ODI for each equipment. Layouts can be changed to suit the data collected by individual equipment.



ODI Layouts

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To create a new layout, click Add. Parameters can be dragged with the mouse from the left side of the screen onto the Small Equipment Card or Large Equipment Card. The Small Equipment Card refers to the list of equipment displayed on the main ODI view. The Large Equipment Card refers to the card shown when a piece of equipment is selected or the cards shown on the ODI Equipment Overlay. The large cards on the overlay will get smaller when more equipment is selected or if the screen size is small. Because of this the parameters at the bottom will disappear if the text will not fit. It is recommended to place parameters in order of importance with the most important at the top.

Click here for more information on configuring layouts.

Available Parameters

  • Status Duration: The amount of time the machine has been in the current status.
  • Status: The name of the status the machine is currently in.
  • Status Start Time: The time when the current status started.
  • Good Parts: The number of good parts reported for the current part number on the machine.
  • Part Number: The part number currently active on the machine.
  • Scrap Parts: The number of scrap parts reported for the current part number on the machine.
  • PPH %: The percentage of parts produced (Good + Scrap) divided by PPH Plan.
  • PPH Plan: The expected number of parts produced based on Ideal Times.
  • User: The username currently active on the machine.
  • Work Order: The work order currently active on the machine.

ODI Layout Assignments

ODI Layout Assignments allow layouts to be assigned to individual equipment. Select the equipment you wish to change and then pick a layout from the list below and click Enter. To return machines to the default layout, select the machines, select Clear Value, then click Enter. This will restore machines to the original default layout, even if the named “Default Layout” has been modified.

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