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Expression to Collect Alarm Data

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Machines regularly go into an alarm for a variety of reasons. The purpose of this expression is to collect all alarm codes and descriptions from a Focas, OPC UA, and MTConnect machine and provide useful information on their occurrences and durations.

Unlike traditional expressions, there is no need to write out a start and stop expression. Instead, only one expression needs to be added to the machine. This expression will record all active alarms, as they start and stop. The Alarm Reports can be used to inspect the collected alarm data. Alarm Views can also be set up within the RTV to display alarms.

In order to take advantage of this feature, the machine will need to be on a gold license.

Sample expression:

([PCSDB.alarms] != [source.alarms])

where the source would be either MTC, OPCUA, or Focas.

With a Target of Scytec PCS Database and results of:

[PCSDB.send_alarms] {[MTC.alarms]}


[PCSDB.send_alarms] {[Focas.alarms]}


[PCSDB.send_alarms] {[OPCUA.alarms]}

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