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DataXchange Licensing

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The Scytec Process Control System is available in four versions. Any quantity or combination of versions can be used allowing some equipment to only collect cycle status while other equipment can also collect downtimes, etc. Assigning licenses is done through the Manage → Equipment screen. Licenses can be transferred between machines at any time.




The Bronze version contains functionality relating to collecting cycle information. Multiple types of cycle times are included in bronze along with all reporting and real time viewing. All of the non-running time is categorized as Unknown Downtime.


The Silver version adds functionality to break down the non-running time into Unplanned and Planned Downtimes. This includes alarm data, using iPads, PCs, tablets or barcode scanners to enter downtimes as well as automatic entry of scheduled breaks. Silver also contains email notifications.


The Gold version adds the tracking of part related information such as part numbers, good and scrap part counts as well as Caron Engineering TMAC status. Also included are work orders, users, and OEE.


The Platinum version adds the collection and reporting of Caron Engineering TMAC chart data.

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