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Changing Equipment Licensing

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It is possible to create as much Equipment within DataXchange as you would like. However only equipment which has been assigned a license will collect data.

Purchased licenses can be transferred between machines at any time. When a license level is changed, the expressions that it is no longer licensed for will stop evaluating.

These changes are not retroactive. Any data previously collect can always be viewed through charts and reports, even for a machine with no license assigned.

Modifying Licenses

To change the license assigned to a machine, go to Manage → Equipment → Equipment. Select the piece of equipment and click Modify. Select the desired license from the License Level list.

If you have an unused license, it can be assigned to any piece of equipment desired.

If you wish to transfer a license, you must first unassign the license. This can be replaced with a lower-level license, or removed entirely by selecting None. Once the license is unassigned it can be assigned to another piece of equipment.

For license changes to take effect data collection must be restarted for the relevant equipment. This can be done by restarting the DX Service. To do so:

  1. Go to the DataXchange tab.
  2. Click Restart → The name of the service.

If you would like to purchase more licenses to collect data from more machines at a time, contact Scytec or your reseller. Information about resellers can be found here.

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