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DataXchange Charts

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DataXchange Charts allow for easy access to the information DataXchange has collected from your equipment. Charts can be viewed in a number of ways:

  1. The Charts tab in the DataXchange client.
  2. At [Your DataXchange Server]/datadisplay in any web browser.
  3. The DataXchange Reporting app on Android and iOS devices.

Within the DataXchange client, two styles of charts are available. One style is generated within the DataXchange client, these are referred to as the “Old Charts” within DataXchange.

The second style are the web based charts. These are the same as the charts found in the data display web application and the reporting app on mobile devices. Note that all of the old charts with the exception of TMAC Charts are available as web-based charts and some are enhanced with additional features.

To select the type of chart you wish to view within DataXchange, go to the User tab. Select Reporting and check or uncheck the box “Use Old Charts”. This will switch between the two styles of charts the next time you go to the Charts tab. This setting is company-wide.

More information on the old charts can be found here.

More information on web-based charts can be found here.

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