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The User tab contains functionality relative to the logged in user. The logged in user will always have full permissions to the functionality on the user tab.

The following buttons are available on the ribbon bar on the User tab.

  • Application Options
    • Logout
    • Change Password
    • Exit
  • Application Settings
    • Account
    • Auto Login
    • Translation
    • Reporting
      • Modify Reporting Groups
      • Reporting Group Membership
      • Add Scheduled Reports
      • Report Settings
      • Use Old Charts

User Status

The User Status section will show the logged in user along with the status of the DX Service.

All DX Services set to be monitored will communicate with the Cloud servers once a minute. A green or red flag is used to identify whether or not all of the monitored DX Services are currently communicating with the Cloud servers. If any of the monitored DX Services have not been in contact with the Cloud servers in more than 2 minutes then the flag will be red. If all of the monitored DX Services have been in contact with the Cloud servers within two minutes then the flag will be green.

Note: The DX Service status flag is also viewable from mobile devices using the DataXchange mobile apps.

Change Password

The Change Password page on the User tab is used to change the currently logged in users password. When setting a password the password must be at least five characters in length.

If the current password has been forgotten an administrator of the system can reset the password.

When users are first created or when a password is reset by the administrator a new password must be set when the next login takes place. The user should login by specifying the user name and then pressing enter on the Change or Reset Password form. There will then be a prompt to set the password.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive.

Auto Login

The Automatic Login feature can be used to login into DataXchange with a specific user name as soon as the application is launched. In addition, a default tab to load when logged in automatically can be specified. Setting the default tab is primarily used when setting up a display station for the Real Time Viewer, however it can be used to open to any tab within the application.

When entering the user name and password remember that both of the fields are case sensitive.

See this tutorial to setup DataXchange to automatically log into a set of RTV screens. This feature is also commonly used to automatically log into the ODI.

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