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Status Trend Chart

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The Equipment Status Trend chart displays the percentage of time in intervals that each piece of equipment has been in each status for the time frame selected. The Equipment can be selected by User Groups, Company Groups, or individual Equipment. When displaying the result the statuses can be shown for individual equipment or by the selected group type.

Required and Optional Information

A time frame and one or more pieces of equipment are required to generate the chart. By default, Today is selected for the time frame. Once the equipment has been selected the Finish and Next buttons become available. At this point the chart can be generated without specifying any additional information by pressing the Finish button. Additional optional information can be selected by pressing the Next button.

The second page of the filter can be used to select the type of statuses to be plotted. All general and specific statuses are listed as options to be selected. By default the General Statuses only are selected. 

Time Intervals

The time intervals for each data point are automatically determined based on the Start and Stop times selected. The intervals will be displayed as follows:

  • Hours: Less than 4 days
  • Days: Less than 90 days, greater than 4 days
  • Weeks: Greater than 90 days
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