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TMAC Data Charts

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The TMAC Charts display data collected from Caron Engineering TMAC systems. Multiple different charts can be created with the filters available, and drill down charts are available for the viewing of all the detailed data acquired.

Filter Options

All of the information on the Filter is required to run the chart. Many of the options are dependent on the option selected above it. For example, once Equipment is selected the Equipment Process options will become available for the selected equipment. The same is true for the Job, Tool, and Section drop downs. Additional detailed information can be selected by highlighting from the generated chart.

TMAC Charts

The TMAC Charts can be viewed from the Charts tab and then selecting Data → TMAC Charts.
The Filter options for the TMAC Charts.
The results of the chart will be one or multiple points on the scatter graph. One or multiple points can be selected by dragging over them to drill down to the detailed data.

The Peak chart will show the peak HP reached during the associated cut.
Once the selected points are highlighted the drill down chart for each of the points will be generated in a new window.

The detail chart will display all of the individual data point acquired during the cut.
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