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SRCE Constants and Variables

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Standard SRCE Source Variables

The Standard Status Relay Controller with Ethernet has four digital inputs, four digital outputs, and two analog inputs configured as either 0-5 volt or 4-20 mA. The below variables are available on both the Standard and Extended SRCE.

 Variable NameSyntax
Connect Time[SRCE.connect_time]
Connected Time[SRCE.connected_time]
Counter X1[SRCE.counter_x1]
Counter X2[SRCE.counter_x2]
Counter X3[SRCE.counter_x3]
Counter X4[SRCE.counter_x4]
Digital Input X1[SRCE.DI_x1]
Digital Input X2[SRCE.DI_x2]
Digital Input X3[SRCE.DI_x3]
Digital Input X4[SRCE.DI_x4]
Analog Input AD1[SRCE.AI_AD1]
Analog Input AD1 Average[SRCE.AI_AD1_avg]
Analog Input AD1 Min[SRCE.AI_AD1_min]
Analog Input AD1 Max[SRCE.AI_AD1_max]
Analog Input AD1 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_AD1_stddev]
Analog Input AD2[SRCE.AI_AD2]
Analog Input AD2 Average[SRCE.AI_AD2_avg]
Analog Input AD2 Min[SRCE.AI_AD2_min]
Analog Input AD2 Max[SRCE.AI_AD2_max]
Analog Input AD2 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_AD2_stddev]

All of the variables also have a corresponding Previous variable which will hold the status from the last time a poll took place.

 Variable NameSyntax
Connect Time (Previous)[SRCE.prev_connect_time]
Connected Time (Previous)[SRCE.prev_connected_time]
Counter X1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_x1]
Counter X2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_x2]
Counter X3 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_x3]
Counter X4 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_x4]
Digital Input X1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_x1]
Digital Input X2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_x2]
Digital Input X3 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_x3]
Digital Input X4 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_x4]
Analog Input AD1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD1]
Analog Input AD1 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD1_avg]
Analog Input AD1 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD1_min]
Analog Input AD1 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD1_max]
Analog Input AD1 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD1_stddev]
Analog Input AD2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD2]
Analog Input AD2 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD2_avg]
Analog Input AD2 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD2_min]
Analog Input AD2 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD2_max]
Analog Input AD2 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_AD2_stddev]

SRCE Constants

The SRCE Constants are used to identify the state of the input or output.

 Constant NameSyntax

SRCE Target Variables

The SRCE is able to set the outputs to either a continuous signal or a pulsed signal. The continuous signal will set any one of the outputs to the High state, either indefinitely or for a defined time frame. The pulsed signal will cause the output to alternate between High and Low every second, either indefinitely or for a defined time frame. The Low signal will turn the output signal off until it receives another signal.

 Variable NameSyntax
Digital Output Y1 High {}[SRCE.Y1h] {duration}
Digital Output Y1 Low[SRCE.Y1l]
Digital Output Y1 Pulse {}[SRCE.Y1p] {duration}
Digital Output Y2 High {}[SRCE.Y2h] {duration}
Digital Output Y2 Low[SRCE.Y2l]
Digital Output Y2 Pulse {}[SRCE.Y2p] {duration}
Digital Output Y3 High {}[SRCE.Y3h] {duration}
Digital Output Y3 Low[SRCE.Y3l]
Digital Output Y3 Pulse {}[SRCE.Y3p] {duration}
Digital Output Y4 High {}[SRCE.Y4h] {duration}
Digital Output Y4 Low[SRCE.Y4l]
Digital Output Y4 Pulse {}[SRCE.Y4p] {duration}

The {duration} values above are optional. If included, the values will be in seconds. For example, to set output Y1 to High indefinitely, use the following target:


Or, to set output Y3 to Pulse for 60 seconds, use the following target:


Extended SRCE Source Variables

The Extended SRCE adds two modules to the Standard SRCE. The first module contains eight digital inputs. These digital inputs have all the same functionality as the Standard SRCE digital inputs. There are two hardware modules available for the second module:

  • Four 0-10 volt analog inputs
  • Four 4-20 mA analog inputs

The following variables are available with the Extended SRCE only.

 Variable NameSyntax
Counter 1[SRCE.counter_1]
Counter 2[SRCE.counter_2]
Counter 3[SRCE.counter_3]
Counter 4[SRCE.counter_4]
Counter 5[SRCE.counter_5]
Counter 6[SRCE.counter_6]
Counter 7[SRCE.counter_7]
Counter 8[SRCE.counter_8]
Digital Input 1[SRCE.DI_1]
Digital Input 2[SRCE.DI_2]
Digital Input 3[SRCE.DI_3]
Digital Input 4[SRCE.DI_4]
Digital Input 5[SRCE.DI_5]
Digital Input 6[SRCE.DI_6]
Digital Input 7[SRCE.DI_7]
Digital Input 8[SRCE.DI_8]
Analog Input CH1[SRCE.AI_CH1]
Analog Input CH1 Average[SRCE.AI_CH1_avg]
Analog Input CH1 Min[SRCE.AI_CH1_min]
Analog Input CH1 Max[SRCE.AI_CH1_max]
Analog Input CH1 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_CH1_stddev]
Analog Input CH2[SRCE.AI_CH2]
Analog Input CH2 Average[SRCE.AI_CH2_avg]
Analog Input CH2 Min[SRCE.AI_CH2_min]
Analog Input CH2 Max[SRCE.AI_CH2_max]
Analog Input CH2 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_CH2_stddev]
Analog Input CH3[SRCE.AI_CH3]
Analog Input CH3 Average[SRCE.AI_CH3_avg]
Analog Input CH3 Min[SRCE.AI_CH3_min]
Analog Input CH3 Max[SRCE.AI_CH3_max]
Analog Input CH3 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_CH3_stddev]
Analog Input CH4[SRCE.AI_CH4]
Analog Input CH4 Average[SRCE.AI_CH4_avg]
Analog Input CH4 Min[SRCE.AI_CH4_min]
Analog Input CH4 Max[SRCE.AI_CH4_max]
Analog Input CH4 Standard Deviation[SRCE.AI_CH4_stddev]

All of the above variables also have a corresponding Previous variable which will hold the status from the last time a poll took place.

 Variable NameSyntax
Counter 1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_1]
Counter 2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_2]
Counter 3 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_3]
Counter 4 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_4]
Counter 5 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_5]
Counter 6 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_6]
Counter 7 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_7]
Counter 8 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_counter_8]
Digital Input 1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_1]
Digital Input 2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_2]
Digital Input 3 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_3]
Digital Input 4 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_4]
Digital Input 5 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_5]
Digital Input 6 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_6]
Digital Input 7 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_7]
Digital Input 8 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_DI_8]
Analog Input CH1 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH1]
Analog Input CH1 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH1_avg]
Analog Input CH1 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH1_min]
Analog Input CH1 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH1_max]
Analog Input CH1 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH1_stddev]
Analog Input CH2 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH2]
Analog Input CH2 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH2_avg]
Analog Input CH2 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH2_min]
Analog Input CH2 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH2_max]
Analog Input CH2 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH2_stddev]
Analog Input CH3 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH3]
Analog Input CH3 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH3_avg]
Analog Input CH3 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH3_min]
Analog Input CH3 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH3_max]
Analog Input CH3 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH3_stddev]
Analog Input CH4 (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH4]
Analog Input CH4 Average (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH4_avg]
Analog Input CH4 Min (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH4_min]
Analog Input CH4 Max (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH4_max]
Analog Input CH4 Standard Deviation (Previous)[SRCE.prev_AI_CH4_stddev]
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