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Setting up a New User

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A wide variety of people can use DataXchange to get more value out of the system. This guide will detail the steps of adding a new user to the system and installing the software for the new user.

Adding a User

To add a new User to DataXchange, login to the client and go to Manage → Users → Users. Click Add to create a new user. Most of the fields here are optional but the following information is required or recommended:

  • User Name: The name used to login to the system.
  • First and Last Name: The user’s real first name and last name.
  • Company Email (optional): Enter an email address here if the user will be receiving email notifications or reports.
  • Group Membership: The group(s) to which the user belongs. These groups determines the permissions the user is given.
    • If none of the groups displayed are appropriate, go to Manage → User Groups to create a new group.
    • To view or modify the permissions assigned to any group, new or existing, go to Manage → Security and choose either Application or Resources.

If an email address is entered, the user’s default password will be emailed to them. If not the password will be displayed on screen and should be noted down and provided to the new user manually. In either case the user will be asked to change their password upon first login.

Installing DataXchange

Once the user has been added to the system they will need to install DataXchange on their PC. From that PC go to, choose Getting DataXchange from the menu and click Install DataXchange Now. A more detailed explanation can be found here.


Unable to log in

Please ensure you are connected to the Internet (for cloud customers) or your DataXchange server (for on-premise customers). If your Internet connection is working there are two errors you’re likely to see. “The Account credentials are incorrect” indicates the Account Number or Password is not correct. “The Application credentials are incorrect” indicates the User Name and Password do not match. Double-check this information and try again. If you still cannot proceed contact your DataXchange Administrator to reset your password. Also note that DataXchange is cloud based software and you must have a working internet connection to use the software.

Menu Items do not appear

This is usually related to Application Security settings. Contact your DataXchange administrator if you need to access a part of the system that is not visible to you.

Some equipment is missing

Equipment visibility is controlled by Resource Security settings. If there is missing equipment which you believe should be accessible to you, talk to your DataXchange administrator and ask them to adjust your resource permissions.

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