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Using the Script Source

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The Script source functionality is a Gold level feature used to retrieve data from a source such as a text file or database. The information is retrieved by the script and stored in the database. The retrieved value is stored in the database as a current value. On a second poll it will bring in a new value, that is then stored as the new current value and the prior current value is then moved to the previous value location. The previous data value and timestamp are maintained.

When using Scripts as a source it has the ability to be shared across multiple machines or isolated. When the script is isolated the Browse button will bring up a dialog to select a script from the local PC. When the script is shared the Browse button will bring up a dialog allowing a script to be uploaded, or to select a script that has previously been uploaded.

When a script is shared with multiple machines and is altered and uploaded again for any machine, the changes will be inherited by all of the machines using the shared script. The commands for all machines using the script must be restarted for the new script to become active.

If the script is isolated to a single machine and changes are made to the script then only that one machine will utilize the changes.

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