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Reporting Groups

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Reporting Groups are used to group collected data for reporting purposes only. The groups do not affect the collection of the data at all, only how the data is selected and displayed. The reporting groups can be used as a quick method of selecting a group of items or to roll up and consolidate data. Equipment can exist in multiple different reporting groups allowing data to be easily reported on in a variety of different ways. For example, equipment could be split into two groups called Mills and Lathes, and then a third group could be created called Plant which contains all of the equipment.

There are User level and Company level reporting groups. Reporting groups created in the User tab are only available to the logged in user allowing for individual control when it comes to reporting and charting.

Reporting groups created in the Manage tab will be available to all members of the user groups that the reporting group is assigned to. This method of creating reporting groups allows for reporting groups to be created for all employees or a group of employees.

There are three and four menu items from the Reporting Groups button on the Manage and User tabs respectively:

  • Modify Groups
  • Reporting Group Membership
  • Add Scheduled Reports
  • Report Settings (User tab only)

Modify Groups

Reporting groups can be created, modified, or removed by selecting the Modify Groups menu option. The Group Name is specified along with the Group Type. Initially, only Equipment Groups are available, therefore the only option in the Group Type drop down.

The assigning of items to reporting groups is handled through the Reporting Group Membership menu item.

Reporting Group Membership

Individual items are assigned to reporting groups by selecting a group on the top half of the page and then assigning items on the bottom half. When a group is selected the name of the group will be displayed along with the group type in the middle of the page. The items available and the items selected will displayed and can be modified by using the left and right arrows between the two lists.

Add Scheduled Report

Scheduled reports can be used to automatically email a saved report to a user or group of DataXchange users. Scheduled reports can be configured from either the user tab or the manage tab. If performed from the user tab this will only allow for saved reports to be emailed to the current logged in user. If the current account has the correct permissions, it is possible to configure emailed reports to groups of users from the manage tab. Click here for a step-by-step guide on scheduling a report.

Report settings

This page is only available on the User tab and allows users to set or reset the location where they wish to export the scheduled reports. This allows viewing of these locally on a individual workstation.

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