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PCSDB Identifier Variables

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Status Identifier Variables

When data is received from an external source such as a barcode scanner, there must be a method of identifying valid data and determining what the data is supposed to represent. Status Identifiers are used to specify the type of status and whether or not the status has started or ended. Equipment Status Identifiers can be specified on the Manage Equipment Status form of the application.

For each status type there is a Start and End General Status Identifier. For example, the Cycle Status Identifiers default to CS and CE for cycle start and cycle end. Planned downtime defaults to PDTS and PDTE for planned downtime start and end, and the default for unplanned downtime is UPDTS and UPDTE for unplanned downtime start and end. These can all be modified to suit different situations.

When using expression there are variables to reference these start and stop identifiers.







The brackets indicate that additional information can be referenced which would be a specific status identifier. Specific Status Identifiers can be used to specify specific statuses such as no material, broken tool, or breaks.

For example, if a specific planned downtime identifier of 200 has been created and defined as No Material then the start of the planned downtime can be referenced in the following ways.




Work Order Identifier Variables

There are identifier variables for making a work order active or inactive. The default identifiers are WOS for work order Start and WOE for Work Order End.




Program Number Identifier Variables

PCSDB.send_program_number_start{PROGRAM NUMBER}

PCSDB.send_program_number_end{PROGRAM NUMBER}

Part Identifier Variables

There are identifier variables for making a part number active or inactive. The default values are PS for Part Start and PE for Part End.



There are identifier variables for adding and subtracting good parts. The default identifiers are AP for Add Good Part and SP for Subtract Good Part.



The default identifiers for scrap parts are AS for Add Scrap Part and SS for Subtract Scrap Part.



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