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OPC UA Systems

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OPC UA is the successor to classic versions of OPC. One advantage of OPC UA is that it is not dependent on an operating system platform. In addition OPC UA uses TCP/IP and HTTP for communication. OPC UA is firewall-friendly while addressing security concerns through a variety of methods such as the use of security certificates.

OPC UA Client

An OPC UA client endpoint is the side of an OPC UA communication that initiates a communication session to an OPC UA server. Scytec DataXchange provides an OPC UA client and can be configured to deliver specific sets of data to be evaluated within expressions.

OPC UA Server

An OPC UA server is the side of an OPC UA that acquires data from equipment such as PLCs and exposes the data to OPC UA clients. An OPC UA server is not provided by DataXchange. One possible OPC UA server is Kepware.

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