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OEE Setup Steps

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While every implementation will vary, the following items are general guidelines on the steps required to get up and running with OEE.

These guidelines assume the equipment has already been configured with basic Bronze level functionality of collecting cycle time information.

  • Ensure each piece of equipment where OEE will be implemented has a Gold License assigned.
  • Enter Planned and Unplanned Downtimes.
  • Determine how part numbers and part counts will be collected. This may change based on the type of equipment.
  • Add expressions for downtimes and the appropriate methods for part numbers and part counts.
  • Enter Part Numbers, or setup DataXchange to auto add part numbers.
  • Enter Ideal Times.
    • To get up and running quickly, default Ideal Times can be used. Default Ideal Times will also set up time information when auto add is used for part numbers.
  • Setup the OEE RTV Views.

Optional Steps

  • A default Quality percentage can be used for OEE calculations if the goal is to avoid the requirement of entering scrap counts.
  • Define OEE targets for the charts and RTV Views.

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