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MTConnect Data Viewer

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The MTConnect Data Viewer is used to display the data stream values being returned from an MTConnect enabled machine.  Data is refreshed every second when the viewer is connected. The MTConnect viewer can also be accessed through the connectivity tab when not logged into DataXchange.

To change which information is being displayed, use the red or green dots located next to the item to turn item on or off. If the dot is red, the item is hidden. If the dot is green the item is shown.

The Viewer can be customized. Click the arrow next to Settings to view the following options:

  • Connection: Use this to disconnect from the MTConnect Agent.  (information will no longer be refreshed)
  • Unavailable Data Items: This option will hide or show Unavailable data items.
  • Sequence Numbers: This option will hide or show Sequence Numbers.
  • Timestamps: This option will hide or show timestamps.

To connect to a MTConnect agent, either enter the connection string manually or select a machine using MTConnect from the Equipment list and press the MTConnect logging button. This will automatically populate the connection information into the viewer and attempt to connect. See the image below for an example screen shot.

The DataXchange Name column will display the name of the MTConnect variable defined in DataXchange that has been mapped to the associated data item. This column will only be displayed when using the viewer on the DataXchange tab. The column will not be visible when the viewer is launched from the Connectivity tab.

  • Green: Mapping successful
  • Yellow: Mapping successful, but the data is currently unavailable
  • Red: Mapping unsuccessful due to the data item not being found
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