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Moving the DataXchange Service

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The DataXchange Service can easily be moved from one computer to another. Follow the steps below to move the service. Please keep this information in mind when moving the service:

  • Tablets (iPad, Android, Windows) will need to have the Host changed.
  • Windows Desktop PCs will pickup the change automatically if there is only one DX Service defined, but the application will need to be closed and reopened.
  • If you use a DNS entry it will minimize these changes by allowing you to keep the same PC name even if you switch servers or IP addresses. If you are using IP addresses, and the IP changes you will need to adjust the host in the ODI.
  1. Stop the DX Service on the Existing Computer

Stop the Scytec DataXchange PCS Services on the existing host (the one the service is being moved from).

  1. Rename the DX Service

From the Manage tab select the DataXchange button in the ribbon bar. Select the existing Host where the DX Service is being moved from and select the Modify button. Change the Host to the IP Address or Host name of the new PC where the DX Service was just installed.

  1. Install the DX Service on the New Computer

Download the latest DX Service from the Scytec website at, and follow the tabs to Support → Downloads. While installing the service, specify the server information on the Options screen.

  1. Verify Success

Once the Service has been installed and started, go to the DataXchange tab and select the Connect button. Use the drop down to connect to the new DX Service and verify that all of the equipment and associated expressions are present. The flag icon on the Configuration button should now be green indicating that the connection to the Cloud was successful.

  1. Uninstall the DX Service from the old computer

Uninstall the Scytec DataXchange PCS Services on the old host.

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