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The Manage → DX Service page is used to manage the DataXchange services. The DataXchange services listen to the devices on the shop floor and transmit the collected data to the database. Only one DataXchange service is required per account, however additional services can be utilized to balance the load across multiple computers.

Each computer that will have the DataXchange service running needs to be defined on the DX Service page under the Manage tab. The Host Name or the IP Address of the computer where the service is installed needs to be specified along with the TCP Host Port that the user interface and the service will use communicate with each other. The user interface and the service communicate via the http protocol. The default port number is 80. The DX Service Identifier field helps the system differentiate between DX Services in case two of them have the same Host Name.

The Monitor DX Service setting allows the service to work with the notification system which shows whether or not the DX Service is connected to the Cloud. There is a flag icon on the User tab and one on the DataXchange ribbon bar once connected to a specific service. On the user tab, the flag will be green if all monitored services are connected, otherwise the flag will be red. On the DataXchange tab the flag works the same way but is only for the associated service. The mobile reporting applications also display the flag icons.

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