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How to Modify Data

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You can modify, add or delete data from the DataXchange database using the steps listed below. This feature can be used to correct a time stamp that should have been there or to delete data that was entered into the system incorrectly. Take caution, you can delete and modify data that was correctly recorded by the machine. Data that has already been modified can be altered again. Any modifications done to the data will have an audit trail in the history report.

Note that Resource Security must be configured properly to allow users to modify data. Please make sure you have access to the DataXchange tab as well as the data group which houses the Modify button.  

To modify data follow the steps and images listed below.  

  1. Navigate to DataXchange → Modify
  1. Select Equipment Status
  1. Select your equipment from the drop down.
  1. Select the buttons to AddModify or Remove data. In order to Modify or Remove data you must first select a data point from the list.
  1. Next, use the options below to alter the data.
  1. Click Enter

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