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HAAS NGC Constants and Variables

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HAAS NGC variables are used to hold data retrieved from NGC enabled devices. Variables must exist in DataXchange and then be mapped to HAAS NGC items within the device.

HAAS NGC Source Variables

DataXchange is shipped with the following predefined variables:

 Variable NameNotes
Alarms[HaasNGC.alarms]Used to capture the list of HAAS NGC alarms.
Availability[HaasNGC.availability]Returns whether or not the Source is currently available.
Alarm Code[HaasNGC.alarm_code]The active alarm number reported by the control without the description.
Alarm Detail[HaasNGC.alarm_detail]The active alarm number and alarm description reported by the control.
Connect Time[HaasNGC.connect_time]Returns the time of the most recent connection to the HAAS NGC Source.
Connected Time[HaasNGC.connected_time]Returns the amount of time in seconds since a successful connection to the Source.
Controller Mode[HaasNGC.controller_mode]Returns the current setting for the mode selection.
Cycle Status[HaasNGC.cycle_status]Return the cycle status. ACTIVE = Cycling.
EStop[HaasNGC.estop]Returns whether or not the machine is in Emergency Stop.
Feed Rate Override[HaasNGC.feedrate_override]Returns the current feed rate override setting.
Part Count 1[HaasNGC.part_count_1]Returns the value of the part counter on the control. Part count increments on M30.
Part Count 2[HaasNGC.part_count_2]Returns the value of the part counter on the control. Part count increments on M30.
Program Number[HaasNGC.program_number]Returns the active program number from the control.
Rapid Override[HaasNGC.rapid_override]Returns percentage of rapid override.
Spindle Load[HaasNGC.spindle_load]Returns the load of the selected spindle.
Spindle Override[HaasNGC.spindle_override]Returns the override of the selected spindle.
Spindle Speed[HaasNGC.spindle_speed]Returns the speed of the selected spindle.
Macro Variable 1[HaasNGC.macro_variable_1]Returns the value held by the first macro variable.
Macro Variable 2[HaasNGC.macro_variable_2]Returns the value held by the second macro variable.

The following variables hold the value for the previous poll from the Control.

Variable NameSyntax
Alarms (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_alarms]
Availability (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_availability]
Alarm Code (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_alarm_code]
Alarm Description (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_alarm_detail]
Connect Time (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_connect_time]
Connected Time (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_connected_time]
Controller mode (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_controller_mode]
Cycle Status (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_cycle_status]
estop (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_estop]
Feed Rate Override (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_feedrate_override]
Part Count 1 (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_part_count_1]
Part Count 2 (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_part_count_2]
Program Number (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_program_number]
Rapid Override (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_rapid_override]
Spindle Load (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_spindle_load]
Spindle Override (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_spindle_override]
Spindle Speed (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_spindle_speed]
Macro Variable (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_macro_variable_1]
Macro Variable (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_macro_variable_2]

HAAS NGC Constants

 Constant NameSyntax

HAAS NGC Custom Variables

DataXchange has the ability to create custom variables for the HAAS NGC source. Use this feature to create a custom mapping to a data variable that the HAAS NGC machine may not map to by default.

Variables can be added by going to the DataXchange tab, Variable, then selecting Haas NGC. Once the variables have been defined they need to be mapped to HAAS NGC data items. The mapping is done at an individual equipment level since this may vary from equipment to equipment.

 Variable NameNotes
Custom Variable[HaasNGC.CustomVariableName]Returns the data from the custom mapping variable

The following variables hold the value for the previous poll from the Control.

 Variable NameSyntax
Custom Variable (Previous)[HaasNGC.prev_CustomVariableName]
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