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File Structure

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Configuration Files

All of the configuration files needed for the DataXchange Service are located in the installation directory for the Windows Service. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Scytec\Scytec DataXchange PCS Service. The configuration for the DX Service is stored in this folder. None of these configuration files should be modified manually.

DXService.user.config: Contains information about the database connection and rules for logging.

Log Files

In the logs directory there is a folder for each machine. In addition there is a Common folder containing the following:

  • Debug.log: Contains information regarding activity by the service.
  • Error.log: Contains errors detected by the service.
  • dxtrace.log: Detailed information about all activity taking place. Not enabled by default.
  • Script.log: Contains records of C# Script Source communication.

Log files are per machine and contained in multiple files:

  • Expression.log: General information about the execution of the expressions
  • Error.log: Information about errors
  • Polling.log: Records communication with the machine
  • Info.log: Contains licensing info for the machine.
  • Email.log: Contains records of emails sent regarding the machine.

Each log file will grow until it reaches 10 MB in size, then a new log file will be created and the current one will be renamed to include a date and time stamp. A maximum of 10 of each file will be kept at which time the oldest file will be deleted.

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