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Fanuc Focas Viewer

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The Fanuc Focas viewer allows users to connect to Focas systems directly from the DataXchange Client. This makes it easier to determine what data is coming from the control under different circumstances so expressions can be built around these situations.

Using the Focas Viewer

The Focas Viewer can be accessed from one of two places in DataXchange. The first is from the DataXchange tab. Connect to the DX Service and under DX Logging click Focas. The second location is from the Connectivity tab, before logging into DataXchange. Click Focas, then select View.

To connect to a control, enter the IP address and port that will be used to connect. Click the red light to connect. If the connection is successful the light will turn green and a list of variables and their states will appear below.

The variables in the top section do not contain parameters and are requested automatically. The bottom section allows you to enter parameters based on your specific Focas system and programs.

Note: The “Part Number” variable is listed twice. In the top section it searches for part numbers based on the default parameter of “PARTNUMBER=”. In the bottom section a custom parameter can be entered to search for part numbers based on the custom parameter.

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