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DX Service Logging

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The activity and errors for all equipment are logged by the DX Service to files. Log data can also be viewed live through the Dx Service Log Window. The logging is organized by machine and then further broken down into Expression, Info, Polling and Email. General Debug, Error and Script logging is also recorded at the DX Service level. These logs are rolling logs and are located under the logs folder where ever the DX Service is installed. By default this location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Scytec\Scytec DataXchange PCS Service\logs”. Detailed information on using the log viewer can be found here.


While connected to the DX Service it is possible to view a Live Log of the activity for the equipment. Live logging can be enabled or disabled from DX Logging section in the ribbon bar. The live log is filtered based on the selection in the equipment tree. In addition, the log view can be filtered down by Expression, Info, Polling, and Email using the options in the drop down menu. These options can be selected individually based on what is needed to show within the live log. If there is a green check box next to the filter, that is an indication that it will be displayed in the Dx Log window.

The live log has options to pause, clear and copy the lines that are being generated.

To temporarily stop updates to the live logging, click the Pause button. Logging will continue in the background and all logged items will appear when you click Resume. All data will continue to be logged to the files.

When the logs are paused data is cached so when logging is resumed it will begin from the point in time it was paused. While paused a buffer is utilized and capped at 2000 lines, so if the logs are paused for too long the oldest data will be removed from the buffer to stay at the 2000 line limit. 

Clicking the Clear button will remove all visible log data from view, and from the buffer. This data is not removed from the DX Service logs.

Clicking the Copy to Clipboard button will copy all data visible in the live log window and the buffer. 

Optional Filters

Filter NameDescription
ExpressionThis filters down anything related to expressions whether or not they are true or false
InfoThis is any addition information provided about the current state of the machine
Polling This is the communication polling that has occurred for the machine
EmailThis is any email information that has happened for the machine
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