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DWM Constants and Variables

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DataXchange uses these variables in expressions to process data from Dornier Weaving Machines. Click the DWM button while building an expression to insert these variables.

DWM Source Variables

DataXchange contains the following DWM variables.

 Variable NameNotes
Connected Time [DWM.connected_time]Returns the amount of time in seconds since a successful connection to the source.
Cycle Status [DWM.cycle_status]The cycle status of the loom.
Cycling [DWM.CYCLING]A constant referencing the DWM In Cycle status (0).
Idle [DWM.IDLE]A constant referencing the DWM Idle status (1).
Loom Speed [DWM.loom_speed]The speed of the loom.
Pick Counter [DWM.pick_counter]The value of the pick counter.
Piece Length [DWM.piece_length]The value of the piece length in centimeters.
Stop Code [DWM.stop_code]The stop code of the loom.
Stop Description [DWM.stop_description]The description for the stop code.

The following variables hold the value received from the control on the last poll.

 Variable NameSyntax
Connected Time (Previous)[DWM.prev_connected_time]
Cycle Status (Previous)[DWM.prev_cycle_status]
Loom Speed (Previous)[DWM.prev_loom_speed]
Pick Counter (Previous)[DWM.prev_pick_counter]
Piece Length (Previous)[DWM.prev_piece_length]
Stop Code (Previous)[DWM.prev_stop_code]
Stop Description (Previous)[DWM.prev_stop_description]
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