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Downtime Reports

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Downtime reports consists of two different reports that can be utilized to display different types of downtimes within a specific date range.

Downtime Summary

The Downtime Summary report displays the specific planned downtimes, the specific unplanned downtimes, and the unknown downtime for the date range selected. The list of downtime are sorted by the quantity of downtime which displays the amount of time in hours. Then the percentage of the total is displayed along with the cumulative percentage. The number of times each downtime happened is shown in the Occurrences column.

A time frame and one or more pieces of equipment are required to generate the report. By default, Today is selected for the time frame. Once the equipment has been selected the Finish and Next buttons become available. At this point the report can be generated without specifying any additional information by pressing the Finish button. Additional optional information can be selected by pressing the Next button. This section will also give you the ability to select which downtimes to display as well as filter by part number and work order.

The report can be filtered to include or exclude unknown downtime, planned downtime, and unplanned downtime. It is possible to further filter the chart to only display desired specific statuses. To do this, use the check boxes to indicate which statues should be displayed when generating the chart.

Scheduled Downtime Report

You will be able to run reports on any past or future Scheduled Planned Downtimes.

The reports can be accessed under the Reports tab → Downtime → Scheduled Downtimes option.

Here you will see fields similar to other reports. There will be a Quick Select button for you to choose a time period, the Start and Stop Dates of the report you would like to see, and the ability to manually choose a Start and Stop Time for your report.

After choosing the date and time, you will need to select the Equipment you would like to see the reports created for. Click the Finish button to run the report.

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