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Data Listener Variables

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The following variables can be used with the Data Listener and ODI Communication Sources.

Variable NameVariable SyntaxVariable TypeDescription
Data Listener Data[]Source or TargetThe current value of the data received by the data listener
Data Listener Any Identifier{identifier.any}SourceAny Specific Identifier within the Status Type
Data Listener Group Identifier{}SourceAny Specific Identifier within the Status Group
Data Listener Specific Identifier{identifier.specific}TargetThe Specific Identifier received by the Data Listener
TCP Data Time[ListenerTCP.tcp_data_time]Source or TargetReturns the amount of time in seconds since TCP Data was last received by the listener.

The identifier.any and variables can be used to ensure valid data is received as well as triggering events if a certain type of data is received.

For example, a status group of Quality could be created and then all quality related downtimes can be made a member of the Quality group. Now, if any downtime identifier within the quality groups is received by the data listener then an action can take place such as turning on a pole light using the SRC.

Examples of using the data listener variables in expressions are shown on the Unsolicited Data Collection page.

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