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Custom Command Examples

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The expressions for custom commands are looking to see if the data received matches the Custom Command identifier. 

For the ODI screen or a barcode scanner the following syntax can be used for the expression.


Replace CUSTOM_COMMAND with the Custom Command identifier.

For example, to have a Custom Command trigger an email to maintenance:

([] = email_maintenance)

In this case the Target would be Email with an Email Template that would have the associated text in the template and the appropriate maintenance email address.

Custom Commands can be used in conjunction with PCS Custom Variables to allow operators using the ODI to send data to the RTV. For example, the following expressions can be added to send various information to a custom variable called “message”. This Custom Variable can be added to the system under DataXchange → Variable → PCS Custom. For these expressions to work, the Custom Commands must also be created. To add these to the ODI, go to DataXchange → Data Entry → Custom Commands and add commands with the following identifier values:

  • material_now
  • material_soon
  • clear_message

Now assign these to the desired equipment under DataXchange → Data Entry → Custom Command Assignments.

Expression Name: Need Material Now – Message

Expression: ([] = material_now)

Result: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_value] {message}==Need Material Now

Expression Name: Need Material Now – Color

Expression: ([] = material_now) – This is the same expression as above, however the result is different.

Result: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_indicator] {message}==Red

You can create another set of expressions for needing material soon:

Expression Name: Need Material Soon – Message

Expression: ([] = material_soon)

Result: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_value] {message}==Need Material Soon

Expression Name: Need Material Soon – Color

Expression: ([] = material_soon) – This is the same expression as above, however the result is different.

Result: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_indicator] {message}==Yellow

Here’s a sample expression to clear the message and the color with one button:

Expression Name: Clear Message – Message

Expression([] = clear_message)

Target: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_indicator] {message}

Expression Name: Clear Message – Indicator (Once again, the expression is the same but the result is different)

Expression: ([] = clear_message)

Target: [PCSDB.send_custom_variable_indicator] {message}

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