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Custom Commands

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Custom Commands can be used with the ODI screen or a barcode scanner to trigger expressions. The expression can be setup to trigger functionality such as triggering an email or turning on a stack light.

A Custom Command is simply a string which can be used in an expression. If the data received through an input device such as the ODI screen matches the string in the expression the Result for the expression will execute.

Sample custom commands are shown in the screen shot below:

Expressions are then used to trigger the custom commands. See this expression example to review how the expressions can be setup with custom commands.

Custom Command Assignments

Custom Command Assignments allows you to specify which Custom Commands are associated with each piece of equipment. These assignments are used in conjunction with the Data Entry screens to filter the list of possible custom commands.

The functionality can be access from the DataXchange tab and selecting Data Entry → Custom Command Assignments.

All of the equipment will be shown on the left, and all of the custom commands will be shown on the right. Custom Commands must first be created for anything to show on the right side. When a row is highlighted on the left all of the currently assigned custom commands will be shown on the right.

Custom Commands can be assigned or unassigned to multiple pieces of equipment at once by selecting the check boxes of the equipment on the left and the associated custom commands on the right.

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