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Using Status Code Groups in Expressions

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This example will show how to use Equipment Status Groups along with the PCSDB current status code variables to determine if a status is active.

The first step is to ensure that the appropriate equipment statuses have been defined. Secondly the equipment status groups need to be defined and the equipment statuses must be added to the groups.

Create a planned downtime group called “Lock”. Add all the planned downtimes that should not automatically end when a cycle starts such as In Setup, First Article, Preventative Maintenance, etc.

The DX Current Planned Downtime Status Code variable will be used which can be selected for the list of PCSDB variables. After selecting the variable the group identifier parameter needs to be added using the format {{groupName}}. For our scenario we want to add this variable to our cycle start expression to exclude a cycle start from taking place when the machine is in a downtime within the specified groups.

Append the following to the existing cycle start expressions to prevent cycles from starting when the machine is in a status contained within the “Lock” status group.

AND ([PCSDB.current_pdt_status_code] {{Lock}} = False)

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