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Creating a DataXchange Connector in Microsoft Teams

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In order to send messages from DataXchange to a Microsoft Teams Channel a Connector must be created. This Connector links the Teams Channel to your DataXchange account, allowing messages to be sent.



Creating a Connector

The first step to creating a Connector is to go to the Teams section. From there, find the Team and Channel where you want to receive messages from DataXchange. Click the button next to the Channel in the list and click Connectors.

A list of connectors will appear. Type “scytec” in the search box in the upper-left hand corner. Click Add next to the Scytec DataXchange Connector.

On the next screen, click Add again.

Now go back to the Connectors screen for the Team. The Connector should now appear in the Connectors For Your Team section. Click Configure.

Click Next.

Enter your Account Number and Account Password, then click Next. If you do not know your Account information, contact your reseller.

Enter your User Name and Password, then click Next.

Click Save to complete setup.

You should see the connector now in the list of configured connectors. This Teams Channel can now be assigned to Messaging Templates within DataXchange.

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