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Configuring the Fanuc 31i Control

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The Fanuc control must be configured in order for the communication to take place. The configuration consists of setting standard TCP/IP network properties.

The steps to configure the control may vary from model to model, so consult the user manual for the specific model of the control to be configured. The following steps are for a 31i control.

Configuration Steps

Press the SYSTEM button and scroll through the options until the Ethernet cards appear.

Select the card to be used. Usually the Embedded port which is labeled EMBED PORT will be used.

Select the COMMON button which will allow the basics to be set for the network card. For reference purposes the card selected will be displayed in the title bar.

Set the IP ADDRESS and the SUBNET MASK then set the ROUTER IP ADDRESS. If the data collection computer is on another logical network, for instance, if you are using a Moxa then the ROUTER IP ADDRESS would be the IP address for the Moxa device.

Select the FOCAS2 button which will allow the TCP port to be set for the communication with the Logic application. 8193 is the default port setting.

Once the settings have been entered press the RSTART button and then the EXECUTE button for the changes to take effect.

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