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Configuring Part Number Syntax

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DataXchange is able to read Part Number information from comments recorded by Fanuc Focas and MTConnect systems. There are slight differences in the expression variables used to do so.

Fanuc Focas

One variable for this is [Focas.part_number]. As written, DataXchange will look for a part number in this format: PARTNUMBER=123456-01 where 123456-01 is the actual part number. If your syntax differs from PARTNUMBER= you can add a parameter to the variable to change what is looked for. For instance, if your comments read PRTNBR=123456-01, you will want to use the variable [Focas.part_number]{PRTNBR=}. This parameter is case sensitive. Note that this may miss some part numbers if the program starts too quickly for us to poll.

DataXchange can also read part numbers from comments anywhere in the program, rather than just in front of the cursor. This is done using [Focas.part_number_fmp] (finds part numbers in the main program) and [Focas.part_number_fep] (finds part numbers in the currently executing program). The default search string is PARTNUMBER=, and just as above can be changed by entering a value in {} after the variable.


The variable for MTConnect is similar. However in this case the parameter is required, there is no default. The variable will read as [MTC.part_number]{PARTNUMBER=} where PARTNUMBER= is the part number identifier in comments.

Expression Target

For the expression Target, use Scytec PCS Database. The following should be used as the result (in this example, PART= is the search parameter):

[PCSDB.send_part_start] {([MTC.part_number]{PART=})}

[PCSDB.send_part_start] {([Focas.part_number]{PART=})}

Note the additional parentheses in red.

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