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Communication Information

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The Communication Information is used to define both source and target systems that equipment will communicate with. When a piece of equipment is selected on the left hand side of the Client view the associated Communication Information will be displayed on the top half of the Equipment Detail.



Default Communications

When new equipment is assigned to a DX Service the following default Communication items are setup automatically:

  • PCSDB Source
  • ODI Source
  • PCSDB Target
  • Email Target

Communication items can be added, modified, or removed from the Communication Information window by pressing the Communication button in the ribbon bar.

Select the Communication Role of Source or Target and then the appropriate Communication Type.

Communication Types

Communication types are used to define systems that DataXchange will communicate with. The connection for each system must be defined for each machine within DataXchange.

Communication Sources

  • Fanuc Focas Host: Define a Fanuc Focas enabled control.
  • Scytec PCS Database: Receive data from the DataXchange database.
  • Scytec SRC: Configure the Scytec Status Relay Controller with communication over TCP.
  • MTConnect Host: Define an MTConnect enabled device. Use the Browse button to find a specific machine to map to. Variables will attempt to automatically map.
  • Caron TMAC Status Host: Configure the connection to the Tool Monitor Adaptive Control System (TMAC). More Information
  • Data Listener TCP: A passive system to receive data over a TCP port. Configuring for Scanners
  • Data Listener Serial: A passive system to receive data over RS-232.
  • ODI: Used to define the connection with the ODI Screen.
  • Script: C# can be to used to get data from a file, a database, or some other ‘non standard’ format. More Information
  • OPC UA: Allows the retrieval of equipment information from a OPC UA server. More Information
  • HAAS NGC: Receive data from a HAAS NGC enabled control.
  • Dornier: Receive data from a Dornier weaving machine.

Communication Targets

  • Fanuc Focas Host: Send data to a Fanuc Focas enabled control.
  • Scytec PCS Database: Send data to the DataXchange database.
  • Scytec SRC TCP: Configure communication to the Scytec Status Relay Controller with communication over TCP.
  • Email: Send information in an email or text message. This must be enabled when using any expressions that initiates an email. More Information

Copying and Pasting Configurations

The Communication and Expression configuration can be copied from one piece of equipment to another. When copying and pasting there are a few different options to provide added flexibility.

When copying there are three options found under the DataXchange Tab → Copy button.

  • Copy All
  • Copy Communication Information
  • Copy Expression Information

Copy All will copy both the Communication Information and the Expression Information, while only Communication or Expression information can be copied with the associated selection.

When pasting the Copy button is replaced with a Paste button containing two options.

  • Unassign then Paste
  • Clear Clip Board

Unassign then Paste will clear the existing information then paste the copied information. Clear Clip Board will discard previously copied information.

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