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Capturing data when a machine cycles twice per part

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In some cases a machine will perform two cycles for every one part produced. This can be accounted for using a custom variable. We hold a value and increment a custom variable and every time the custom variable hits 2, it outputs one good part then resets the custom variable.

  1. Create a custom variable called part_counter.
    • See steps 1 & 2 only here.
  2. Change the result on the current part counting expression to point to a custom variable (if the part counting expression is shared, you should create a copy).
    • Result: PCSDB.send_custom_variable_value{part_counter}==([PCSDB.custom_variable_value] {part_counter} PLUS 1)
  3. Create a new expression to monitor the custom variable. The expression should look something like this:
    • Expression: ([PCSDB.custom_variable_value] {part_counter} = 2) AND ([PCSDB.prev_custom_variable_value] {part_counter} != 2)
    • Result: [PCSDB.send_add_good_part] {1}
  4. Create a new expression to clear the part_counter variable.
    • Expression: ([PCSDB.prev_custom_variable_value] {part_counter} = 2)
    • Result: PCSDB.send_custom_variable_value{part_counter}==0
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