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Application Structure

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DataXchange has two primary components, a Windows service and the User Interface. The DataXchange Windows service does all of the work of communicating to the equipment and transporting the data. The service is designed to be on one or multiple computers within the facility where the equipment is located.

The user interface, called the Client Interface, is used for all aspects of user interaction including setup of the information needed to collect data. For example, defining all of the equipment, creating users, resetting password, etc. The Client is also used to run charts and reports. The Client is installed by a per windows user basis.

Another task the Client performs is to configure and manually control the DataXchange Windows service. For this task the Client must be installed on a computer that can access the computer with the Windows service installed via a local network. 

The default communication protocol between the Client and the Service is HTTP over TCP port 80. You may need to configure your firewall to allow this connection.

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