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The DataXchange API provides access to the data programatically. For security purposes the API is disabled by default. Please contact Scytec support or your reseller for additional API information, activation, and documentation.

The Standard API is included with your DataXchange subscription and can be turned on anytime by request. If you need to pull more data in a single day, your API license can be upgraded to Professional or Enterprise. The current API limits are:

  • Standard: 50 MB per day
  • Professional: 250 MB per day
  • Enterprise: 750 MB per day

Two indicator charts appear on this form to help monitor your API usage. The first is a Donut Chart that displays current usage for the day, where the total MB and percentage will be updated every few minutes. The second is a historical bar chart outlining usage for the past 10 days.

DataXchange has the ability to integrate to other programs such as ERP systems. This often requires an Integration license for the API. Please contact Scytec or your Reseller for more information on these integrations.

If the account does not have a license for Integration API:

If the account does have a license for Integration API:


If usage is reaching its licensed limit an email will be generated, alerting the logged in user of this limit.

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