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Add a Custom Variable to the RTV Grid View

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This will show how to display a custom variable within the RTV view. These custom variables can be used to display colors, values, or both. In this case we will demonstrate how to create and display a custom variable. For more information on how to display custom variables in the RTV see the display custom variable How-to.

Displaying a Custom Variable in the RTV Grid View

  1. First, Create a Custom Variable and name it. To do this select the DataXchange tab, click on the Variable button in the toolbar, and select PCS Custom from the drop down.
  2. Create a custom variable. In this example the Custom Variable name is color.
  3. Now navigate back to the RTV tab and select grid and create a grid RTV view.
  4. Assign and configure RTV grid view.
  5. Make sure that the custom variable is selected within the list.
  6. The custom variable will now be displayed on the RTV Grid. In this case the indicator for the variable is Red. If the variable has a value, that value will be shown as well.
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